Preimplantation genetic Testing for Monogenic Disorders (PGT-M)

Preimplantation genetic testing for single gene (PGT-M) is a testing when one or both genetic parents has a known genetic abnormality. The testing is performed on an embryo to determine if it also carries a genetic abnormality. This serves to prevent certain genetic diseases or disorders from being passed on to the child.

NGG could develop testing virtually for any disorders with very low rejection rate (<1%).

The most common single gene disorders are:

Please contact us with any genetic disorders. Our certified genetics counselor will help to determine if we can perform the testing.

Preimplantation genetic Testing for Monogenic Disorders (PGT-M)

Initial Inquiry

Nextgen Genetic Test Requisition Form: This form will be completed via clinic portal and Patient genetic reports, including the mutation report should be uploaded.

Patient can call to schedule genetic consultation with board certified genetic counselors.

Genetic Consultation Summary Report will be place at clinic portal for the primary physician and nurse review.

Genetic counselor will collect brief family history to know who in the family is affected.

Patient genetic reports, including the mutation report if applicable, and approval prior to testing.

DNA from patients/family members (Pre-PGT-M test). Nextgen Genetics will request samples from specific family members, and PGT-M kit will be sent to the clinic with blood tubes and/or buccal swab.

Genetic counselor will discuss with patient the option to do PGT-A for aneuploidy screening in addition to PGT-M for Single Gene Disorders.

Patient/Partner reads and signs the Nextgen Genetics PGT-M Consent Form and HIPPA Form via clinic portal.