Parentage Testing (Fingerpriting)

We are all concerned about potential mistakes in any lab (IVF lab, genetic testing lab etc). Although we do not have exact number but those mistakes are very rare. Unfortunately, as we are all human, mistakes can happen anytime and any lab.

If there is any concern that may occurred during the IVF/lab procedure and suspecting for potential error in the lab NGG is here to help.

A child/Embryo receives half of his or her genetic material (DNA) from the biological mother, and half from the biological father. At NGG, DNA testing will be done by profiling the embryo(s) then the results compared to their biological parents.

NGG has many years of expertise to work with embryonic DNA for fingerprinting to solve any potential lab error and also to avoid any future undesirable outcome.

What samples can be used for parentage testing?

If you already completed PGT-A or PGT-M testing with us, NGG store your embryonic DNA at our laboratory only for fingerprinting purposes to identify any potential human error.

In addition to embryonic DNA, for the testing NGG will also require biological parent samples. Depend on your choose buccal swabs or blood samples will be used for fingerprinting/parentage.

Depend on the complexity of the case CVS (chorionic villus sampling) or Amniocentesis samples may be required to get most accurate results for the testing.

What is the Turn around time?

After receiving all required biologically samples the testing will typically takes 2 weeks for completion.

Mandatory genetic consultation is required prior the testing.